About us

Cryptopal Investment Ltd. is a bitcoin investment platform that share profit with its investor’s in the bitcoin trade market! The company has higher quality robots and experienced traders who work tirelessly to maximize profit. We are a trading company focused mainly on Bitcoin (crypto currency) and we have become the foremost trading advisors to serious investors.

Our Mission:

Cryptopal Investment Ltd. mission is to help its clients get the maximum profit they need to start, manage and grow their businesses. 

Our Vision:

Our vision as a team is to be the leading investment platform in the near future for people who doesn’t know more about trading and the genius.

Our team is unique and want to help all entrepreneurs around the world grow to a higher height. Expect traders of Cryptopal Investment Ltd. ensures that profit and risk is shared equally among investors. This simply means that, every investor would earn a corresponding interest daily based on the package chosen. No bias in the system. The more you invest, the more you earn so it’s up to you to invest whatever amount you want.

Deposits are instant whilst withdrawals takes a minimum of 24hrs and a maximum of 48hrs when you invest with us.  We accept Bitcoin only for now and provide Daily Profits & 24/7 Online Support.

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